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Dairy farming of tomorrow: Sivam is the only Italian company to offer a range of products designed to satisfy farmers and livestock breeders in all the activities connected with running The company business over the years is distinguished by tosectors and two colors.

The Yellow part of the logo: a farming and livestock business. The animal feedstuff - cereal/milk powders, feeds, supplements, mineral blocks and salt rolls - .

And the Green part of the logo: the farming activities of cultivating the fields - seeds, packaging and the agrochemical - .

The distinguishing feature which over the years has made the difference is the creation of a strong connection between the various technical means used in the process which initiates an organic productive cycle: starting from the cultivation of forage crops and proceeding through the harvesting, conservation and nutritional use of those crops, and finally in the cowshed, improving the efficiency of the herd management.

It is the added value which has allowed the company to formulate an innovative proposal: the Ruminarte® System.

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S.I.V.A.M. Societą Italiana Veterinaria Agricola Milano S.P.A. - via 25 Aprile, 4 26841 Casalpusterlengo (LO)
iscrizione camera di commercio di Lodi - R.E.A. N° LO-1087361 - P.Iva 06290050159 - -